Friday, March 2, 2012

Bridal Shower

My little sister Jessica, is all grown up and getting married.  I am so SO happy for her and her fiance, Logan.  Wayyyyy before he even proposed I informed her that she should marry him...then I told her she couldn't get mad because I was pregnant and therefore got a free pass for such ramblings.  And now I am so  honored to stand at their wedding, to witness what my entire family has been praying and hoping for pretty much ever since we all met Logan.  And I am excited for my son Landon to get his very first official uncle (and he's getting another one in September when my SIL gets married too!)

ANYWAYS, kicking off the wedding festivities, my littlest sister Jaclyn (yep all J's) and I just threw Jess  a bridal shower up at my parent's house.  Here is a little peek:

The whole lot of us:

From left -  Jaclyn, Jessica, Me:
Sunday Snapshot

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