Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Wombat Turns One

My baby turned one today.  I'm still processing how in the world this year flew by so fast.  Everyone warns you about how they grow up too quickly and it's SO true.  There is nothing that prepares you for it.  I feel like just yesterday I was sitting in the back seat on our way home from the hospital staring at this new little life we had just brought into the world.

I filled out a page in his baby book and here is how it went:

At one years old:
You say mama, mommy, dada, byebye, and hi.
You say mama when you are tired, hungry or sad. You say dada when you want to play.
You not only walk but CLIMB everything.
You LOVE grapes.
Your favorite place to go is the park. 
You love the swings.
You have ten teeth.
You love to push your car around the whole house.
You love baths.
You love walks.
You growl.
Your favorite book is Brown Bear, Brown Bear.
You love spaghetti.
You wave to anyone and everyone.
You love to clap your hands.
You copy just about everything your daddy does.
You can play peek a boo.
You like to share your food.
YOU are loved. SO loved by your daddy and me.


Today he got to eat his very first cupcake.....Saturday he gets a whole cake to play with in front of the rest of his family that is traveling from all over the place to celebrate the first year of my sweet little boy.

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Julie Ratiani said...

Wow. Can't believe it. So proud of you and your beautiful family.