Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Landon's First Christmas

This is my belated Christmas post.  I am just now recovering from our travels, lack  of sleep (molars are brutal!) and loads and loads of laundry.  With that said, Landon's first Christmas was so fun!  Here he is opening his present from his Papa.  He checked to make sure it was for him first:

Tobbles were a big hit.

Then we headed on over to Grandma and Grandpa Thomas' house for an early Christmas.  Here is The Wombat opening his very own Burely Trailer and also trying on his helmet so that he can ride in it.  Good thing he tolerates all of the ridiculous hats that I make him wear and doesn't seem to think the helmet is much of a stretch.

Here is our little family after the Christmas Eve Service.  Landon got to open one present before he went to bed.

On Christmas morning The Wombat was surprised by a covered wagon from my parents!  Here he is is riding it on a walk with his Grandma, Great Grandma and The Puppy. 

One more Random Photo.  Landon was super excited about the scarf that his Auntie Jessica opened.  Love this picture:

And that wraps up our many Christmas celebrations!

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