Monday, January 9, 2012

Bath & Body Savings

Most days being a play at home mom to my nine month old is a dream  We have so much fun hanging out with each other, going to the park, having play dates, taking walks with The Puppy.  Other days are not so fun, when his little teeth are coming through, when nap time only lasts 15 minutes, or when I haven't had an ADULT to converse with for a while and start to go a little crazy.  Those days, there's nothing that rejuvenates me more than a long, hot, QUIET bubble bath.

And so I love Bath & Body Works

I do NOT love their obscene prices.

However, twice a year, in January and in June, they have amazing sales with up to 75% off. Did you know that every other receipt prints out a survey that gets you $10 off a $30 purchase?  Want to know the best part?  IT. DOESN'T. EXPIRE.  You can hang on to your receipt for a year and they will still honor the coupon (in store only).

So twice a year I head on over to Bath & Body and fill up my bag with exactly enough sale items to equal around $30 before tax.  I use these items for myself, gifts, shower game prizes, or as fun stuff to send to my sisters while they work at Hume Lake for the summer.

This time around I got 14 items for a grand total of $22.07.  Do I care if my bubble bath or soap is from the Christmas line? Nope. I only care that it cost me about a dollar or two.  The most expensive items were the body wash for $2.15.  The cheapest were the hand soaps at .94. I am sort of in love with the Christmas tea light holders ($1.63) and may have to go back for more to pack away for next year :)

Now I'll just tuck away my reciept until June.


Melissa said...

If you are going back this month...take me!

Julie Benson said...

I did the same thing! I loaded up for a shower I'm throwing ... so awesome :)

Jamie said...

Melissa - Okay let's go this week!!

Julie - I was so happy when I saw those "Charmed Life" lotions and sprays. They have little wedding rings on them! So cute for my sister's bridal shower :)

Kammy's Korner said...

Jamie!!! Thanks for this!!! I actually meandered in there the other day because I saw the big 75% off signs... but still couldn't justify buying anything, haha! But I DIDN'T know that about the receipts! Excuse me while I go scrounge the house to see if I might possibly by some small miracle have one.... or maybe I'm too late and the sale is over?

Jamie said...

No you're right on time! I think it's still going on for another week or two :) Good luck finding that receipt!

Natty by Design said...

wow! thanks for the heads-up!