Thursday, January 12, 2012


Yep, it’s true. We took our nine month old to Disneyland.

I had no idea how opinionated people were about what age you should take your child to Disneyland. I’ve gotten everything from “Isn’t he a little young for that?” to “What’s the point?  He won’t even remember.”  Honestly, when I was calculating whether we could afford this trip, these two points never even crossed my mind.  
In fact, this was probably one of our best and easiest outings we’ve had so far.  He gets in free.  There is a Baby Center on Main Street equipped with highchairs, changing tables, and private nursing areas. Forget something? Run out of diapers? They have EVERYTHING.  And let me tell you, people get OUT of the way before you plow them over with a stroller.

But most importantly, Landon LOVED Disneyland.  He was smiling and laughing the entire day.  He thought Mickey Mouse was hilarious.  He has a crush on Tinker Bell.  He drove every car in ToonTown.  He went on the Jungle Cruise twice (because the first time he was asleep).  The only time he cried was when the Merry-Go-Round stopped moving. 

I thought he and I would spend a few hours at The Happiest Place On Earth and then head on back to my aunt and uncle’s house, about 20 minutes away. 

I was wrong. 

We were there for TWELVE hours.  He was so exhausted from all the fun he slept like a baby like a normal person on vacation that night.

He won’t remember his first trip to Disneyland.  But I will.  His dad will, his grandparents and aunt and other relatives that went with us all will.  He'll get to look at all these pictures and hear stories about what a magical time he had at Disneyland when he was just nine months old.
 {My cousin Daniel, sister Jaclyn, Me, Landon and husband Ben on Finding Nemo Submarines}

{My favorite picture of Landon and his Daddy - also on the Submarines}
{Landon and Grandpa in line to see Tinker Bell}
{Landon and Ben in ToonTown}
{Landon and The Sword in The Stone, I took this one on my iphone!}
{Cinderella's Castle}

It was my favorite trip to Disneyland.

And I'd do it again in a heartbeat.


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Girls Club... plus two boys said...

it's never too soon to enrich their precious little lives. or your own :)
the ben and landon pic in the submarine... makes my heart swell up.

Brigitte said...

love this post!! :) Xo

Julie Benson said...

I love it ... and every picture! He looks SOOOOO happy :) What an exciting memory your family made together!

Dear Beautiful Boy's Mummy said...

These pictures are awesome. He may not remember the trip when he's older but he'll always have these pictures to look at. It looks like you had a fantastic time.