Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dinosaur Days

I am one of those people that buys their kid's clothes wayyyyyy in advance.  It makes packing away clothes The Wombat has grown out of a lot less depressing.  Plus it's less expensive to buy out of season clothes.

That said, I have been waiting and waiting for this little green dinosaur outfit to fit. And it finally does!

Landon also LOVES his new backyard play gym. It took me forever to find a decent but reasonably priced one on craigslist that wasn't filthy, sun warped or over $100.  Finally, we found this one for $40! Score!!!
The Wombat was immediately enamored with the slide, but getting him to warm up to climbing in and out of the holes took a little coaxing. I bribed him with leaves (favorite non-food-item to attempt eating) until he got the hang of it.

I think he makes a pretty cute dinosaur, don't you?  :)

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Amy said...

Gorgeous sky, wherever you are. I love the dino costume too! Very fun!!!!

Mom Photographer said...

OMG! My daughter was a dino was Halloween last year... and SHE LOVED her costume! She still wears that funny hat that goes with it. Your Little One looks soo cute! Love it!

bird and tree said...

cutest dinosaur ever!!! love it!

milliemorganmedia said...

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