Sunday, September 30, 2012

Garage Sales: Seeing the Potential

The past few weekends I have acquired some project pieces.

First there was this little end table for $2:

This table will eventually be transformed into some sort of Lego table, like this one from Meet the Dubiens:

I also picked up this $5 table and will eventually paint it to match my living room color scheme (once I figure out what that is):

And here we have a huge bag of frames for $5. A great deal since frames at Goodwill are 1-2 dollars each.

These guys will be transformed into a gallery wall similar to one of my previous projects:

Also good for chalkboard frames too!

This heavy duty bench was $20.  I was just about to offer $15 when another woman piped up and said she'd take it if I didn't want it! Boo!  Oh well, it was worth it.  It's going to get a coat of paint too :)

Then there's this milk glass collection which needs no touch up at all because it's gorgeous and only put me out a total of $4!!

On our way home yesterday I couldn't resist following the signs for one more garage sale and was disappointed when they had already closed up shop, but THEN I turned the corner and on the side of the road found these for FREE:

Ben accused me of stealing some random kid's toys that they left out, but there was a free sign!  Lol!
So what if they are a little sun faded?  Check out this awesome spray paint makeover from Sweet C's Designs:

A Bat Mobile just might be in store for the Little Wombat :)


Brigitte said...

awesome!! :) I need to just follow you around one of these days :)!

Natty by Design said...

Love the batmobile!!!