Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Who? Me?

Today we had a "Who? Me?" Little Wombat episode.  It happened while I was in the bathroom.  It literally took him about 20 seconds since he was in my room when I started peeing.  We had just come home from a weekend trip to my sister in law's BEAUTIFUL wedding and when we hurridly unpacked the car last night, most of it got put away immediately set on the floor inside the door.  Including (drum roll please) a small bag of ground coffee.

And I'm pretty sure they both ate a little.

Here's a peek at some past Who-Me moments....

Tupperware in grandma's kitchen:

These are my anatomy gloves from college.  Why did I even keep those?!

This was once a nice gift basket from my sister:

And thank the Lord, this was just chalk:

Amen to this:


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