Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Epic Room Makeover Entry

Soooooo there is this ridiculously awesome room makeover giveaway over at Vintage Revivals:

Have you SEEN last year's makeover?!?! Or ANY of Mandi's projects, for that matter? If you haven't then Go. Look. Now.  You will die.
Okay that being said, I am entering what is - BY FAR - the worst room in our newly bought house.  Seriously, it's gross.  If you have a weak stomach, skip over these pictures or your last meal may come up.  Don't say I didn't warn you.
Luckily this carpet and all of the hazardous waste accumulating underneath it are already gone:
But after we replaced the dirt caked carpet I just shut the door and pretended this sad little room didn't exist (okay so we just moved in a week ago, but really the only time I went in there was to take these pics).  The plan is for this to be a nursery but for now it's just a nothing.  It wouldn't even be a makeover.  It would be a make.
Apparently, the previous owners ran out of paint and called it a day:
I think I need a hazmat suit to remove these blinds:
Sad little base boardless walls:
Weird forest green window sill.  Really?!?!
Someone must have kicked this door:
The closet is falling apart:
Don't forget the light fixture.  Oh, wait, there isn't one:
Seriously, I need help!!!  So vote for me and my nursery-make, I'm begging you!!!  You can vote over HERE at Vintage Revivals, once a day until September 14th....I am number 84!!!


Mandi @ Vintage Revivals said...

Jamie, why are you so cute!? My house was hazmat worthy when we moved in too, I feel your pain sister!! Good luck and thanks for entering!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm a total lamo ... but where do you go to vote?