Monday, July 30, 2012

Family Hike

We have a lot of house buying stress around here right now...home inspections, loan applications, insurance, signing, signing and signing loads of paperwork full of leagalese that we can barely follow.  Every time we turn around there's more papers to sign or something was dated incorrectly or someone's name was wrong.  BLEH.

Then trying to pick out paint, flooring, carpet and discovering we have not so similar taste. UGH.

So last week we decided to take a break from it all and have family day up at Wright's Lake. 

It's a really easy, flat hike all the way around the lake.  Landon got to ride on Ben's back the whole way.  He loves being in the backpack and is always content for our hikes :) 

Oh...uh this is our new dog, Dozer, who probably deserves a separate post unto himself.  He looooves the water and he loves playing fetch so when we combined the two, he was in heaven.

The Little Wombat didn't really know what to make of it.  

After we hiked around we found a little spot with some sand to play in (well, by sand I really mean mud) much to Landon's delight.  He threw the ball in the lake for Dozer and verntured ankle deep into the lake.  I totally didn't even think to bring his water shoes and there were too many little rocks and twigs for him to go barefoot.  Luckily, his little hiking boots are dark brown so no harm done. 

After fetching the ball in the water about fifty times, Dozer was worn out and Ben had to swim out to get the ball he'd thrown too far, lol!

It was a great day and exactly what this little family needed!

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