Tuesday, July 17, 2012

DIY Cloud Dough

This week we made some cloud dough, also known as moon sand, which is super expensive to buy but lucky for us there is a cheap way to make it!  Just 8 cups of flour and 1 cup of baby oil:

We had yet to put any "sand" in our water/sand table...how cute is this?!

The Wombat had SO much fun with the cloud dough and it held his attention span for over an hour, which is saying a lot for my easily distracted 16 month old.  He played with the measuring cups, he transferred the sand from the table to the bowl, he threw it EVERYWHERE, he put it down the water slide, he drove his truck through it....really, the possibilities were endless.

I didn't put any water in the table the second day and it was just as much fun for Landon and much less mess to clean up :)  It probably would have kept for a while longer but our quantity was drastically diminishing, especially once L discovered he could mold the dough into balls that would break into a bazillion pieces once thrown.

I will officially be buying our flour in bulk at Costco now!

Manic Mother

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Lindsey said...

Such a great idea. We will definitely be stealing it when M is older :)