Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Packing & Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Tonight I am packing for my sister's wedding on SATURDAY!  Holy crap that went by quickly! Well for me it did, I'm sure it didn't fly by for the bride and groom :)  I remember thinking my 10 month engagement felt more like 10 years.

Anyways, Landon gets to be a little ring bearer so I'm praying he actually walks down the aisle without stopping to pick up some rocks or socialize with guests.  His little outfit is SO cute!  Also, I'm super stoked about my new dress for the rehearsal dinner from Banana Republic.  I love, love, LOVE their outlet sales!!!!

And I made a little Wedding Day Emergency Kit for my sis including the following:
Mini first aid kit
Instant stain remover
Altoid mints
Make up remover
Bounce lint remover
Snack (I found these little chocolate filled pandas that we used to eat when we were little...except I think the ones we used to eat were koalas, hmmm)

I think I got the basics covered! Time to let the festivities begin!

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Paula said...

Cannot wait to hear all about the wedding! She sure is lucky to have you around during such a stressful time, what an awesome idea! And I love your outlet score :)