Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jessica & Logan Get Hitched

My little sister is a married woman now!  I can hardly believe it and I'm SO happy for the both of them as they start their new lives together.  My entire family has been rooting for this boy to marry this girl since the very beginning and I think most of us knew Jessica would marry Logan before she did :)

Here is a glimpse into last Saturday's loveliness:

They couldn't have asked for a prettier venue! And my sister made a drop dead gorgeous bride.  I had a hard time holding it together when she walked down the aisle.  Little ring bearing Landon only made it half way down the aisle before he noticed he had everyones attention and started clapping.  My dad had the honor and privilege of marrying them (he married Ben and I too). 

Although sunny during the ceremony, the reception brought the rain and we were forced to rush through some formalities.  But hey, what's a wedding without something not going as planned? This is what I love about my sister, because while rain may have brought some brides to tears, Jessica was out dancing in the rain and loving every minute of it.  The rain was gone as quickly as it appeared and everyone continued celebrating.

From top left: Bridesmaids at the bridal party table.  Landon taking a bite of his grandpa's lunch.  Landon getting away with eating a cake pop, which he thoroughly enjoyed.  The Bride & Groom with the cake.

Mom & Dad with Jessica & Logan:

The Bride & Groom enjoying their first dance:

 Landon cutting a rug with his aunt:


My youngest sister, Jaclyn caught the bouquet :)

Bridesmaids posing in the AWESOME photo stand my dad built:

Ben, Landon and I:

Sending off the Bride & Groom:

So now it's official.  My little sister is married. Landon has his first uncle and I have my first brother.


shelley said...

It was a beautiful day!! Jessica looked stunning and I held it together at the wedding but thanks Jamie, I am crying now. Beautiful blog about a beautiful day. They are perfect together:)

Jamie said...

Thank you Shelley! It was a wonderful day!!!