Monday, May 14, 2012

Garage Sale Jackpot

Landon and I have a Saturday morning routine.  Ben heads to work, Landon has breakfast, I have coffee, we throw on some grungy clothes and hit the garage sales. Sometimes we simply just walk the neighborhood, other times we drive.  We always head to the park afterwards.  It's a win-win Saturday morning for the both of us.

However, this year's garage sale season did not kick off with a bang. I am trying to be good and not collect junk but it is still a rare thing when I don't come home with one. single. thing.  Not even a book.  So when we had three whole weekends where we returned completely empty handed, I was discouraged.  But I also refused to settle, knowing that if I was patient enough we would find THE ONE...

And then one morning, while out on a stroll, we hit the jackpot.  Big time.  I find the best sort of garage sales are the unorganized ones where people are just randomly pulling stuff out of their garage and not really caring how much it sells for just as long as someone takes it off their hands.  This was that sort of garage sale. And here are the goods we collected for twelve dollars....TWELVE measley dollars!!

Little Tikes Picnic Table: Retail $80, Garage Sale $5.  OMG I have been looking for a reasonably priced picnic table FOREVER because my cousin over at Girls Club... Plus Two Boys always posts the cutest freakin' pictures of her daughter sitting at her little picnic table.  Of course, my child would rather climb and stand on the table than sit nicely and pose for cute pictures.

Little Tikes Climb and Slide Castle: Retail $114, Garage Sale $5.  Uh, yeah Landon already has two climbers, one for inside and one for outside (both from garage sales) but I seriously couldn't pass up this steal so I texted my friend Lindsey and this castle climber went to Landon's little buddy Mason.

Little Tikes Big Car Carrier: Retail $99, Garage Sale $1.  This one is a little sun damaged, but still, my jaw dropped when she asked me to pay A DOLLAR for it.

Playskool Train Go Round: Retail $20?  I am guessing here, since this is outdated, but I only spent a dollar on it while garage saling.

I actually ended up spending an extra dollar, buying some lemonade and tipping the kids since I felt guilty for robbing their mother blind.  All in all, we saved about $300. Everything needed a good scrub down but all are in great condition.  Totally worth the wait :)

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Girls Club... plus two boys said...

I was so impressed when I saw this picture awhile back. soooo impressed. I even ran over to Ryan and he too was in shock. We need to step up our garage sale game over here!
p.s. the pug is always on top of our table. pug and L would make great pals.