Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I had a fantastic weekend.

Ben was actually scheduled for a weekend off (this NEVER happens) and we jumped at the chance for a mini vaca. So we packed our bags and headed up to Ashland, Oregon. We dropped The Wombat off at his grandparent's house on the way. I don't even think he noticed we were gone. He was too busy playing with all the animals and breaking in his new swing that his grandpa hung from a tree.

I. Love. Ashland. It is cute and quaint with an actual Main Street called Main Street. The people are friendly. The food is good. The shopping is addicting and tax free. But best of all are the plays. Especially the Shakespeare ones.

My first choice of lodging would have been The Ashland Springs Hotel. But it was booked {sigh}  next time we'll have to plan our trip sooner. Our second choice was The Plaza, which was nice because it was still right off Main Street and we could walk everywhere. And walk everywhere, we did.

We shopped.  We dined.  We saw a beautiful rendition of Romeo & Juliet.  We slept in. Uninterrupted.  (Landon cut FIVE teeth this month, including three molars.  It's been a rough month, sleep wise).  We spent a lazy morning reading our books.  Then I shopped some more...here are some of my tax free goods:

Oh yeah, and I found all of the Lincoln Lawyer books in a used book store.  Hooray.  I've been on a Michael Connelly binge lately.  Also picked up some Philippa Gregory's.

It was a great weekend.  Full of quality alone time with my hubby and a good break from dirty diapers and 4 a.m. teething sleep interuptions.  I sure did miss that Little Wombat though :)

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Girls Club... plus two boys said...

i want to start reading more. i love nothing more than a good book. but i never think a new one will compare to a finished one i have fallen in love with.