Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A New Oven: Sooner Than Later

We knew we'd have to replace our oven eventually.  The microwave was a hazardous, taped together eyesore that was connected to the oven (thus the actual microwave we use seen on the right).

Thinking that this purchase would transpire sometime in the far future, we've been casually looking for a replacement.

So when the oven caught on fire NINE days before we were to host Thanksgiving, at least we had already done our homework.

Here she is moving into her brand new home. 

Sometimes blessings come in disguises. 

This one came just in time. 

Nine days in time.

Now picture it with white cabinets....

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Anonymous said...

From the looks of your kitchen, I have a feeling you bought the same floor plan as the one my grandparents had :) Those houses are so cute! Congrats again and yay for new appliances!