Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Moving progress!

The next few weeks we are packing/cleaning/renovating/moving into our new home! Which is part of the reason I have been MIA lately.  Here are some of the accomplishments so far:

The old house is all packed up and cleaned!  This little kid helped me label all the boxes.  He took his job very seriously :)

And I used this brilliant packing tip I found over at The Frugal Girls via Pinterest:

The nasty carpet and tile at the new house has been disposed of.  The hubby gets all the credit here.  He saved us thousands of $$$ by doing it all himself. 

This was the only section I worked on:

We Ben filled a TWENTY YARD dumpster with all of the carpet, tile and CRAP that the previous owners left us.  We found lots of little treasures while cleaning out the house: a used shower cap, a used band aid (vomit) and a rubber lizard, to name a few.

I'm going to have some spectacular before and after pictures if we ever get to the after, but these two just sort of make me laugh.  I mean, REALLY?  WHY?!?!

A huge thanks to the many, many friends and family who have lifted heavy things or watched Landon during this exciting new chapter.  We are so blessed!

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