Saturday, August 18, 2012

Goodbye, Little Rental House

Well, we are officially out of our little rental house.  It was a little bittersweet for me.  It was our first real home as a famil and we were so excited when we found it. It's in a cute neighborhood only two miles away from Ben's work and I'm really going to miss his short commute.  And I'm going to miss some great neighbors.  And I'm especially going to miss the parks.

We have three really great parks within walking distance.  The closest has tennis and basketball courts and a small playground.  We have done MANY laps around this park in the stroller.

The second park has Landon's favorite swings, some great slides and a tunnel that he likes to poke his little face out of to make sure I'm watching him :)

This next one we actually drive to because there is not a safe trail on the busy road that leads to it.  There are the BEST slides at this park.  Also a little lake where we can feed the ducks and look for bunnies.

We brought Landon home to this house and it has been a great place for us to live.  I will always cherish all of the memories made at these parks and I'm sure we will be back to visit often :)


Girls Club... plus two boys said...

i love this post. so very much.

KitchenCounterChronicles said...

Ah, lovely memories. Thanks for linking up to the outdoor play party.