Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Play

Lately we've been putting all of our Pins to good use!  First we made some fun glow stick water bottles.  We just saved some empty water bottles, filled them back up with water and stuck in some glow sticks that we had bought for $1 at Michaels (You can find them at the Dollar Store too)  I had pinned this idea from HERE.  They actually used their bottles for glow in the dark bowling! How cool is that?!  Definitely going to have to try it when The Wombat gets a little older but for now, just playing with the bottles is intriguing enough to keep him occupied.

Then we whipped up some homemade finger paints.  I was pretty stoked about these because, while L has pretty much grown out of the everything-in-the-mouth stage, his curiosity gets the best of him sometimes.  Plus all the ingredients were already in my cupboard.  Yes! We gave out all of his original artwork to family members when we were finished :)

Here is the recipe:

Then we did some good old fashioned painting with water.  No hassle.  No mess.  Just a paint brush and some water and an excuse to try on our new little yellow GAP raincoat (garage sale 50 cents)!!!

Next on our to-do list: Liquid Side Walk Chalk!!

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