Friday, June 15, 2012

Mini Mountain Getaway

Ben and I were fortunate enough to get a night away together this week!  My wonderful father in law had given us an anniversary gift (in April) that included a gift certificate to Sorensen's Resort, use of his BMW (which Ben was ecstatic about) and overnight babysitting (which I was ecstatic about).

So on Monday we headed up the mountain.  We stopped for dinner at the Kirkwood Inn.  It's like the best hole in the wall restaurant/bar EVER. The food and atmosphere are amazing.

Shortly thereafter, we arrived at Sorensen's.  There was some wine and a cute little note wishing us a happy 3rd anniversary waiting for us in our cabin.  We hiked around.  Had dessert in our cabin.  Ate the BEST breakfast at the cafe.  We brought our books, mostly just relaxed and enjoyed the silence.  Quiet time really only exists when Landon is sleeping these days so it was nice to have a serene getaway.

We have a toddler in the house who demands most of our attention, which we gladly give, but it is so nice and SO IMPORTANT for our marriage to have some alone time and focus only on each other.  We are so blessed that all of Landon's grandparents are more than willing to give us that chance :)

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