Thursday, November 3, 2011

Glazing Attempt No. 1

Ever since I stumbled upon All Things Thrifty blog I’ve been DYING to try and glaze something.   Since I was terrified of ruining something of value, I was on the hunt for a cheap, glaze-able practice piece. 

I wasn’t even planning on garage saling the Saturday I found this:

I saw it at a yard sale in my neighborhood and immediately pulled over.  Guess what I paid? A whopping two dollars!  It was PERFECT. First, I cleaned it up and unscrewed the mirror (woo-hoo no painter’s tape needed).  Then I primed it with Kliz and spray painted it with Krylon’s Pumpkin Orange.

Now for the scary part: Glaze.  I spread on the Valspar Black Glaze, wiped it down with a damp cloth, and voila!!! 

And here it is hanging on my wall:

 I can.not.believe. that I was actually capable of creating something this cool.  I want to glaze everything in my house.
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Julie Ratiani said...

Love it! Way to choose a bold color, how did you choose orange? It looks expensive!

Jamie said...

I thought the glaze would look best over a bright color :) Plus orange goes with the rest of my living room.

Kammy Wielenga said...

wow! Looks awesome! I've never tried black glaze! And man it's nice when you can unscrew the mirror. No painters tape is always a good thing! Thanks for linkin' up on the Korner!!