Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Coffee Filter Flowers

For this week’s Pinterest- inspired- craft- night over at Melissa’s, we made flowers out of coffee filters and streamers.  I discovered that I am a painfully slow crafter.  This little flower took me an HOUR.  (Okay, so I was socializing quite a bit but STILL).

I had better luck with the coffee filter flowers and made a couple more when I got home.  Here are the ingredients:
Then all you have to do is:
1.       Fold about five times.

2.       Cut into a heart.

3.       String onto your wire and make a wire loop at the opposite end.

4.       Put a little dab of glue and twist it a couple times.

5.       Repeat with the next filter, minus the glue.

Every few filters or so I wrapped some scotch tape around the base to keep them in place.  Then about 10 filters later it actually started looking like a flower!

Now I just need to find a vase for them….
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Barb said...

Wow! this is gorgeous! must try it . . . :)

Sherry said...

These flowers are so cute...and I love the paper bag flowers in your other post too. Thanks for stopping by my site to check out my tray and leaving a comment. I appreciate that! I am your newest follower!

Anonymous said...

how many total coffee filters are used for the one in the picture???